Village Board 1/9/24

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1/8/2024 9:25:15 AM


1. Call to Order 00:00:00

3. Public Announcements, Communications, and Proclamations 00:00:39

4. Consent Agenda 00:01:07

5. Public Appearances 00:01:27

6a1. Discussion and action regarding the Maintenance Plan for Village-Owned Stormwater Improvements 00:01:38

6a2. Discussion and action regarding the final Water Utility Financial Forecast as prepared by Baker Tilly 00:13:44

6b1. Discussion and action regarding confirmation for the ordering of playground equipment within the proposed Inclusive Park at Waubesa Intermediate School 00:23:49

6b2. Discussion and action regarding the final design for the addition of a restroom at Highland Oaks Park and authorizing the project for bid 00:46:14

6c1. Discussion and action on creation of a Finance Manager/Treasurer and update of the organization chart for the Administration Department 00:51:37

6d. Discussion and action regarding Resolution 2024-01: a resolution authorizing participation in the landfill siting process and appointing a Village representative 00:55:34

6e. Discussion and action regarding Resolution 2024-02: a resolution in opposition to Wisconsin 2023 Senate Bill 691 and 2023 Assembly Bill 768 01:03:17

10. Schedule Next Meeting Date 01:08:14

7. CLOSED SESSION 01:08:56


9. Action on Items Discussed in Closed Session 01:13:04

11. Adjournment 01:14:46

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