School Board 6/26/23

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6/26/2023 12:00:00 AM


1. Call To Order 00:00:00

2. Closed Session 00:00:50

3. Consent Agenda Items 00:01:03

6. Informational Items 00:02:22

6A. Presentation on the Wisconsin Partnership Program Community Impact Grant with Natural Circles of Support 00:03:17

6B. Results of the Parent/Guardian Satisfaction survey 00:45:14

6C. Edgewood College Accelerated Teacher License Residency Partnership 01:13:17

6D. WIVA Monthly Report 01:17:07

6E. CESA 2 Convention 01:18:58

6F. School Safety Written Drill Evaluation Notification and Review per WI state Statute 118.07(4)(cp) 01:23:11

7. District Administrator's Report 01:24:27

8. Business Manager's Report 01:48:19

9. Action Items 02:05:58

9A. Action on Memorandum of Understanding with Natural Circles of Support for July 1, 2023-June 30,2024 02:05:59

9B. Action on WIS Inclusive Park Project with Village of McFarland 02:06:37

9C. Action on Approval of WIAA Girls Hockey Cooperative Team Sponsership 02:07:09

9D. Action on MHS Early Graduation Request 02:07:38

9E. Action on Appointment of 2023-24 Medical Advisor 02:09:23

9F. Action on Recommended WIVA/DCA/ISWI WI Stat. 118.40(8)(g) Student Transfers to Resident Districts 02:10:30

10. Adjournment 02:13:55

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