Sustainability & Natural Resources Committee 4/19/23

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4/19/2023 12:46:18 PM


1. Call to Order, Roll Call 00:02:00

2. Public Appearances 00:02:30

3. Approval of Minutes 00:02:43

4a. Discussion Regarding Public Information Meetings Held for Conservancy Management Plan 00:03:03

4b. Update Regarding the Upcoming Arbor Day Event 00:11:14

4c. Discussion on No Mow May Website & Registration 00:14:12

4d. Discussion on OEI Grant Application Update 00:20:36

4e. Discussion & Possible Action to make a Recommendation to the Village Board Regarding Approval of a Proposal from HGA for Comprehensive Energy Planning & Predesign Net Zero Energy Services for the Community Center 00:24:46

6. Adjournment 00:57:55

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