School Board 1/9/23

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1/9/2023 12:00:00 AM


1. Call to Order 00:00:00

3. Consent Agenda Items 00:00:27

5. Public Comments 00:01:52

7. McFarland High School Student Report 00:04:04

8a. Adult School Crossing Guard Recognition Week Proclamation 00:10:47

8b. Mentor Month Proclamation 00:16:08

8c. Notice of Educational Operations per WI Act 55 Section 118.57 00:21:53

8d. Caution About Comparing MSD to other Dane County Schools 00:24:40

8e. Acknowledging & Appreciating "Behind the Scenes" Work of School Staff 00:26:41

8f. Content in School Board Minutes 00:29:30

9a. School Safety Written Drill Evaluation Notification & Review per WI State Statute 118.07(4)(cp) 00:32:32

9b. Recognitions 00:32:32

9c. Important Upcoming Dates & Events 00:42:47

10a. Action on MHS Early Graduation Request 00:51:55

10b. Action on Application for Girls Hockey Cooperative Team Renewal 00:55:54

10c. Action on Approval of McFarland School District School Forest Quit Claim Deed Document 00:57:35

10d. Action on 2023-24 Open Enrollment Policy - Approval for Space Availability in the Schools, Programs, Classes, or Grades 01:00:57

10e. Action on 2023-24 Open Enrollment Policy - Preference vs Guarantee for Currently Attending Pupils 01:07:32

10f. Action on 2023-24 Open Enrollment Policy - Process to Fill Remaining Spaces 01:10:32

11. Adjournment 01:12:07

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