Village Board 1/10/23

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1/10/2023 12:00:00 AM


1. Call to Order 00:00:07

2. Roll Call 00:00:11

3. Public Announcements, Communications, & Proclamations 00:00:33

4. Consent Agenda 00:05:35

5. Public Appearances 00:07:18

Consent Agenda - Part 2 00:08:52

6a1. Discussion and action on Ordinance 2022-16 an ordinance rezoning 6303 Jaeger Road, McFarland from R-1 residential to PD-I Planned Development Infill General Plan Approved. Rezoning requested by Jerry and Dawn Reiter 00:42:50

6a2. Discussion and action regarding a Condominium Plat and request from Jaeger Estates Condominium Association, Inc Jerry and Dawn Reiter for the property located at 6303 Jaeger Road, McFarland, WI 00:49:05

6b1. Discussion on creation of a Requests for Information Regarding Current or Former Employees Policy within the Personnel Policy Manual 00:50:44

6b2. Discussion on amendment to Chapter 23, Family and Medical Leave Laws, of the Personnel Policy Manual 00:51:58

6b3. Discussion on amendment to Chapter 24, Unpaid Leaves of Absence, of the Personnel Policy Manual 00:53:15

6b4. Discussion on amendment to Chapter 27, Ethical Standards for Employees, of the Personnel Policy Manual 00:53:52

6c1. Discussion and action to avoid scheduling any board, committee, commission, and authority meetings on the provided religious holidays in 2023 00:54:41

6d. Discussion and action to accept a proposal in order to award a contract for managed information technology services 01:00:14

7. Schedule Next Meeting Date 01:10:51

8. Adjournment 01:11:00

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