Village Board 8/23/22

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1. Call to Order 00:00:40

3. Public Announcements, Communications, and Proclamations 00:00:41

2. Roll Call 00:00:41

4. Consent Agenda 00:04:40

5. Public Appearancces 00:06:39

6. Business 00:06:56

6a. Personnel Committee (Trustees Nelson, Jerke, & Wreh) 00:06:56

6a. 1) Discussion and action on amending section 14.04 of the Personnel Policy Manual regarding the Village's background check process. 00:07:06

6a. 2) Discussion and action regarding Ordinance #2022-10: an ordinance to change the Village Code to create the Deputy Village Administrator position and revise the Village Administrator position. 00:18:27

6a. 3) Discussion and action regarding the creation of a job description for the Deputy Administrator/Clerk position and appointment of the position thereof. 00:22:54

6a. 4) Discussion and action on amendment of the position description for the Village Administrator. 00:23:59

6a. 5) Discussion and action regarding amendments to Chapter 3 of the Personnel Policy Manual regarding Organization and Administration. 00:25:09

6a. 6) Discussion and action regarding amendment of the Village wide Organizational Chart. 00:26:05

6a. 7)Discussion and action regarding updates to the Administration Department Organizational Chart. 00:27:06

6b. Discussion and action to consider the proposed goals and objectives with action plan to be accepted as the 2022-2023 McFarland Strategic Implementation Plan. 00:29:27

6c. Discussion and action on the proposed McFarland 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Plan. 00:35:17

7. Schedule Next Meeting Date 01:03:57

8. Adjournment 01:05:42

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