Joint School Board/Village Board Planning Committee 3/1/22

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1. Call to Order 00:03:20

2. Roll Call 00:03:31

3. Public Appearances 00:03:51

4. Business 00:04:02

4a. Discussion and action regarding minutes of the meeting held on January 4, 2022. 00:04:03

4b. Discussion regarding transferring ownership and jurisdiction of the "School Forest" from the School District to the Village. 00:04:36

4c. Update from the school district on the superintendent recruitment and strategic planning process. 00:23:38

4d. Discussion regarding the development of a Memorandum of Understanding to formally create and establish the ongoing utilization of the "joint School/Village Committee". 00:25:35

4e. Discussion of topics of mutual interest to the School District of McFarland and Village of McFarland. 00:38:32

4f. Updates from both organizations on their local projects/initiatives. 00:55:34

6. Adjournment 01:00:10

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