Village Board 1/10/22

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1. CALL TO ORDER. 00:02:16


3. PROCLAMATION 00:02:43

3a. Designating the week of January 10-14, 2022 as Crossing Guard Appreciation Week in the Village of McFarland 00:02:45


5. CONSENT AGENDA. 00:08:12

5a. All items listed under the Consent Agenda will be approved in one motion unless a Board member requests that the item be removed for individual discussion and action. Any item(s) removed for individual consideration shall be considered in the same order in which they were originally listed on the agenda under Business. 00:08:13


7. BUSINESS. 00:10:10

7a1) Discussion and action on Ordinance #2021-11: An ordinance to amend the zoning code and related code provisions regarding the requirements for a vision triangle at corner lots. 00:10:11

7b1) Discussion and action to approve the 2022 Storm Sewer Improvements project and authorize the project for bid. 00:15:31

7b2) Discussion and action to approve the issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for meter replacement installation services. 00:19:01

7b3) Discussion and action to approve the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Forcemain locating services. 00:21:42

7b4) Discussion and action regarding a proposal to conduct maintenance at Well #1. 00:23:20

7c1) Discussion and action to regarding the 2022 Terminal Drive Street and Utility Improvements project and authorize for bid. 00:27:48

7c2) Discussion and action regarding the 2022 Street and Utility Improvements project and authorize for bid. 00:32:39

7d1) Discussion and action regarding Pickleball Design at William McFarland Park and authorize project for bidding. 00:44:06

7e. Discussion and action regarding scholarship application through the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) for the Village Administrator to attend the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executives in Local Government Program. 00:56:14

7f. Future Authority, Board, Commission, and Committee agenda items requests and referrals - This is an opportunity for Village board members to put forth Authority, Board, Commission and Committee agenda item requests and referrals, without discussion. 01:02:08

8. ADJOURNMENT. 01:04:47

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