Village Board 12/13/21

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12/13/2021 8:58:35 AM


1. Call to Order 00:01:56

2. Roll Call 00:01:57

3. Public Announcements and Communications 00:02:41

4. Consent Agenda 00:05:42

5. Public Appearances 00:07:20

6. Business 00:21:47

6a. Community Development Authority (Trustees Brassington & Rupert) 00:21:49

6a. 1) Discussion and action regarding Resolution 2021-25: A Resolution Authorizing the Village President and Clerk-Treasurer to Execute a Real Estate Acquisition and Development Agreement with Waubesa Village, LLC, for Waubesa Village Phases 1-4, including 4902 & 4908 Terminal Drive and 4604, 4606, and 4608 Siggelkow Road, located within Tax Increment District #3. 00:21:56

6b. Public Safety Committee 00:28:33

6b. 1) Discussion and action regarding emergency notification software for the Village. 00:28:33

6c. Discussion and action regarding a new labor agreement with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) representing Advanced Emergency Technicians (EMTs). 00:34:27

6d. Discussion and action regarding amendments to the position description for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and to retitle the position EMT/Firefighter. 00:50:58

6e. Discussion and action on new job description format and approval to convert all current job descriptions to new format. 00:55:39

6f. Discussion and action regarding Ordinance #2021-13: an ordinance amending Section 23-95 of the McFarland Municipal Code establishing criteria for determining the qualification of bidders on Village contracts. 01:04:51

6g. Discussion and action regarding the issuance of a Request for Proposal for master planning services for future improvements in and around the McFarland Municipal Center. 01:19:28

6h. Future Authority, Board, Commission, and Committee agenda items requests and referrals 01:44:48

7. Adjournment 01:47:37

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