Village Board 11/8/21

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11/8/2021 10:36:15 AM


1. Call to Order 00:00:40

2. Roll Call 00:00:49

3. Public Announcements and Communications 00:01:19

4. Consent Agenda 00:03:02

5. Public Appearances 00:03:50

6. Business 00:04:04

6a. Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources (Trustees Nelson & Rupert) 00:04:05

6a. 1) Discussion and action regarding the final draft of the master plan for William McFarland Park and the future Community Park. 00:04:08

6b. Community Development Authority (Trustees Brassington & Rupert) Plan Commission (President Clow & Trustee St. Clair) 00:39:51

6b. 1) Discussion and action regarding a Request for Proposals for an East Side Neighborhood Economic Development & Land Use Plan. 00:39:52

6c. Update and discussion regarding planned decorations for Arnold Larson Park. 00:44:41

6d. Discussion regarding the State/Municipal Financial Agreement for a State-Let Highway Project with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the reconstruction of US Highway 51 through the Village of McFarland. 00:53:57

6e. Future Authority, Board, Commission, and Committee agenda items requests and referrals - This is an opportunity for Village board members to put forth Authority, Board, Commission and Committee agenda item requests and referrals, without discussion. 01:08:26

7. Adjournment 01:10:25

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