Village Board 9/27/21

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9/27/2021 9:06:15 AM


1. Call to Order 00:02:55

2. Roll Call 00:02:56

3. Public Announcements and Communications 00:03:34

4. Consent Agenda 00:05:19

5. Public Appearances 00:05:47

6. Business 00:17:14

6a. Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Committee 00:17:27

6a. 1) Discussion and Action Regarding Street Tree Planting Proposals for 2021 00:17:28

6a. 2) Action on Resolution 2021-22; a Resolution Authorizing Application for the Urban Forestry Grant and Urban Forestry Catastrophic Storm Grant Programs 00:22:07

6b. Discussion and Action on a Request by Northpointe Development to Waive Park Impact Fees for their Affordable Housing Project, Prairie Pointe, under the Provisions of Sec. 9-464(d)(4) of the Municipal Code 00:24:34

6c. Discussion on Next Steps for Planning Services Related to the Redevelopment of the Municipal Center 01:07:01

6d. Transmittal of the draft 2022 Budget from Village Staff to Village Board for review and consideration 01:32:05

6e. Future Authority, Board, Commission, and Committee agenda items requests and referrals 01:46:04

7. Adjournment 01:46:59

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