Plan Commission 11/15/21

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1. Call to Order 00:01:54

2. Public Appearances 00:02:59

3. Approval of Minutes 00:04:30

4. Public Hearing 00:05:20

4a. Public hearing on a Conditional Use Permit requested by Kwik Trip to construct a new gasoline station and convenience store at 4015 Terminal Drive, property zoned C-H Commercial Highway. 00:05:21

4b. Public hearing regarding Ordinance #2021-11: an ordinance to amend the zoning code and related code provisions regarding the requirements for a vision triangle at corner lots. 01:05:52

5. Business 01:18:17

5a. Presentation by Oliva Perry regarding the Dane County Housing Initiative and the Dane County Regional Housing Strategy. 01:18:17

5b. Presentation and discussion regarding the 2023 Dane County Hazard Mitigation plan and the draft Village of McFarland mitigation worksheets. 01:57:01

6. Staff Reports 02:17:49

6a. Property maintenance report 02:17:52

6b. Directors report 02:17:56

7. Schedule Next Meeting Date 02:19:39

8. Adjournment 02:20:18

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