Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources 9/23/21

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1. Call to Order 00:00:23

2. Public Appearances 00:01:26

3. Approval of Minutes 00:02:28

4a.Discussion and action on allowing amplified sound in accordance with Village Ordinance 44-20 of the Village Code of Ordinances for the following events: 00:03:08

4b.Discussion regarding draft master plans for William McFarland Park and Community Park 00:08:16

4c. Discussion regarding the development of a Park System Capital Improvement Plan 00:51:52

4d. Discussion and recommendation to the Village Board regarding street tree planting proposals for 2021 01:51:08

4e. Discussion and action to make a recommendation to the Village Board regarding a grant application with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for an urban forestry grant 02:13:36

4f. Discussion and recommendation regarding a plan for goose abatement 02:20:23

4g. Presentation of the Parks Superintendent's monthly report 02:21:34

5. Schedule Next Meeting Date 02:28:56

6. Adjournment 02:29:11

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