Village Board 2/22/21

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1. Call to Order 00:00:01

2. Roll Call 00:00:03

3. Public Announcements and Communications 00:00:18

4. Consent Agenda 00:01:47

4a. Motion to Approve February 8 Minutes 00:01:48

4b. Motion to Approve February 9 Minutes 00:02:06

5. Public Appearances 00:02:44

6. Business 00:03:04

6a. Public Works & Utilities Committees 00:03:09

6a. 1) Action Regarding Award of Contract 00:03:13

Discussion and action to make a recommendation to the Village Board regarding the award of contract for the County Highway MN project.

6b. Action Regarding Transfer of CTH MN 00:09:57

Discussion and action regarding an agreement with Dane County for the design, reconstruction, and jurisdictional transfer of CTH MN within the Village of McFarland.

6c. Action on Rehabilitation Assistance Services 00:16:46

Discussion and action on entering into an agreement with Wisconsin Rebound for injury rehabilitation assistance services for Village employees.

6d. Action Regarding Master Services Agreement 00:32:47

Discussion and action regarding a Master Services Agreement with Baker Tilly for the study of impact fees.

6e. Action Regarding Multi-Community Wage Study 00:50:12

Discussion regarding a Multi-Community Wage Study prepared by GovHR USA on behalf of the Dane County Cities and Villages Association.

6f. Item Requests, Referrals, and Updates 00:53:46

7. Adjournment 01:10:45

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