Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 2/17/21

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1. Call to Order 00:00:09

2. Public Appearances 00:01:10

3. Approval of Minutes 00:01:57

4. Business 00:02:54

4a. Review of Resolution #2020-14 and #2020-19 00:03:20

Discussion and review of Resolution #2020-14 and #2020-19 as background on the developing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

4b. Discussion Regarding the Development of Goals 00:19:04

Discussion regarding the development of goals and objectives of the Subcommittee.

4c. Update Regarding Recruitment for Police Chief 00:59:12

Update and discussion regarding recruitment for the Police Chief position.

5. Schedule Next Meeting Date 01:18:58

6. Adjournment 01:23:49

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