Village Board 1/25/21

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1. Call to Order 00:00:00

2. Roll Call 00:00:04

3a. Public Announcements 00:00:27

3a. 1) Absentee Voting Information 00:00:34

3a. 2) Village Candidates Certified 00:01:33

4. Consent Agenda 00:02:32

4a. Motion to Approve Minutes 00:02:34

5. Public Appearances 00:03:21

6. Business 00:06:08

6a. Public Safety Committee 00:06:09

6a. 1) Action Regarding Ordinance #2021-02 00:06:12

Discussion and action regarding Ordinance #2021-02: an ordinance regarding the requirement to clear snow around fire hydrants.

6b. Public Works Committee 00:18:30

6b. 1) Action Regarding Traffic Management Policy 00:18:32

Discussion and action regarding the creation of a Traffic Management Request Policy as Chapter 1 of the Public Works Policy Manual.

6b. 2) Action Regarding Street Light Policy 00:38:06

Discussion and action regarding the creation of a Street Light Policy as Chapter 2 of the Public Works Policy Manual.

6c. Action Regarding Resolution #2021-03 00:43:02

Discussion and action regarding Resolution #2021-03: a resolution ratifying and approving an agreement for the sale of property located at 4900 Larson Beach Road, McFarland, WI.

6d. Action to Approve Resolution 2021-02 00:46:59

Discussion and action to approve Resolution 2021-02 Release of Development Agreement for Woodland Commons.

6e. Action on Annual review of Administrator 00:55:49

Discussion and action to schedule annual review of the Village Administrator.

6f. Agenda Item Requests, Referrals, and Updates 01:05:29

7. Adjournment 01:19:11

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