Village Board 1/11/21

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1. Call to Order 00:00:06

2. Roll Call 00:00:11

3a. Public Announcements 00:01:03

3a. 1) Notice of Opportunity to Request Hearing 00:01:06

Notice of Opportunity to Request a Public Hearing issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the proposed improvement of US Highway 51.

4. Consent Agenda 00:03:30

4a. Motion to Approve Minutes 00:03:32

5. Public Appearances 00:03:34

6. Business 00:05:38

6a. Action on Resolution 2021-01 00:05:44

Discussion an action on Resolution 2021-01: A Resolution to rescind taxes due to Palpable Error on Personal Property Account #49-10950 for the McFarland Animal Hospital.

6b. Communications and Technology Committee 00:11:32

6b. 1) Action Regarding Chapter 33 00:11:36

Discussion and action regarding revisions to Chapter 33 (Use of Social Media) of the Personnel Policy Manual.

6c. Plan Commission 00:17:04

6c. 1) Action Regarding Ordinance #2020-01 00:17:14

Discussion and action regarding Ordinance #2020-01: an ordinance rezoning remnant lands located at 5761 & 5771 Holscher Road from R-3 (General Residence) to R-1 (Single Family Residence).

6c. 2) Action Regarding a Request by Matt Schuenke 00:19:31

Discussion and action regarding a request by Matt Schuenke on behalf of the Village of McFarland for a Certified Survey Map (CSM) to combine a remnant portion of lands from 5761-71 Holscher Road to Lot 2 of CSM 15364, McFarland, WI.

6d. Action to Accept Bid 00:22:37

Discussion and action to accept bid in order to purchase ladder truck within the adopted 2021 Capital Projects Fund Budget for the Fire and Rescue Department.

6e. Action to Determine Geographical Area 00:36:34

Discussion and action to direct the Public Utilities Committee and Village Engineer to determine the geographical area that will be specifically benefited by the 2021 Eastside Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Project and to make report as to their findings of the per connection cost of the interceptor.

6f. Communications and Technology Committee 00:39:01

6f. 1) Presentation on New Village Website 00:39:04

6g. Item Requests, Referrals, and Updates 01:15:21

7. Closed Session 01:26:27

8. Open Session 01:27:30

9. Adjournment 01:27:39

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